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Why you shouldn’t paint your kitchen!

With 2019 underway, many of you maybe considering revamping your kitchen to give it a fresh new look without the cost of a fully fitted kitchen. If you’re at this stage, then painting your kitchen doors may have crossed your mind.

Yes, of course, we’re a little bit biased as we do kitchen transformations by changing your kitchen doors and trims etc, however we understand that budgets can be limited and it may seem like painting the doors/drawers may be your only option.

Here are a few considersations to think about before you pop open that tin of paint!

Are you doors in a good condition? If they are warped, chipped or damaged in anyway the likelihood is that paint isn’t necessarily going to make them look better. You may very well be disappointed with the results

Have you got the time? Painting your kitchen doors isn’t a case of slapping on the paint, it’s a long process. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

Getting started – Take out all drawers and remove all hinges (remember to label them as you’ll need to remember what goes were)

Cleaning? Thoroughly clean all doors & drawers – they may look clean, however over time you may have built up a layer of grime and grease that will need to be completely removed

Sanding – to ensure your paint is going to adhere to the surface, it’s always recommended that surfaces will need to be sanded. This could get dusty!

Priming – many paints will involve priming the surface first and allowing to dry

Multiple coats – depending on what paint you use you’ll need to do multiple coats to get a good finish.

What exactly will you paint? Will you be painting the insides of the doors? This is the biggest question and can double the time it takes to paint. Will you just paint the front of the door? How will you ensure that the paint doesn’t go on the inside? If you plan on painting the inside then you’ll need to ensure the outside has completely dried. And what about the trims, cornice, lighting pelmets, plinths and end panels? If you opt to not paint these you will be opting for a 2 tone/colour kitchen – is that what you really want?

Will the doors close correctly? Depending on what paint you use, this may create extra thickness to your doors and therefore not allow your doors to fully close

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