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Longevity V’s Fashion

We undertook this black to white kitchen door replacement, about 2 years ago. Last month the gloss black door was deleted from our collection. The substitute in its place in a dark grey matt door called anthracite. If dark and mysterious is your thing, then it seems that the black gloss trend has passed and that the palette is turning more towards metallic and matt finishes.

Lighter colours are still the most popular choice, they are good for the spirit, giving an uplifting feel. They do of course show up the dirt more, but a quick wipe over is all they need to keep them in check and looking good for years. If budget is a consideration and you want your kitchen to last for years to come– go lighter or mid-range. The colour will see you through summer and winter and is so easy to live with and to accessorise. If you want a change you can simply change the paint, your accessories or a backsplash.

When I first entered this kitchen it felt very overpowering, it felt as though it was closing in on me, with very little light bouncing back. The client wanted to lift the room and open up the kitchen but they were very happy with their solid wood worktop.

Most of our clients have a problem in their kitchen and in this one it was the integrated washing machine door which wasn’t sitting flush. During the transformation of the kitchen cabinets we fixed this at the same time.

We replaced all the wall and floor cupboard doors including the larder which has a metal pull-out, new end panels, cornice, pelmet and plinth. By changing to lighter non-reflective door it has drastically simplified and calmed this room. Their original chandelier, now accents the kitchen as a feature instead of disappearing.

This is one of the most mood enhancing transformations that we have done. There’s nothing like walking into your kitchen to make the morning cuppa and it feeling fresh and bright and lifting you mood to start the day.


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