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Vintage Makeover

This is a customer in Birchgrove, Swansea and it is a really interesting kitchen because the tile has actually come back into fashion, it’s a dark blue tile and beyond the kitchen is a conservatory which has cut a lot of the light out, the original doors are blue so keeping it light was the most important feature here. This mother and son chose a light door with a light worktop which has a small grey and beige fleck to give it more definition and also picks up the colour from the tiles, this combination really has transformed the room, keeping the vintage tiles in situe. We left the extractor in place but changed the hob, although this was still working it was very old and didn’t look right with the new worktop. This kitchen had been altered over the years with DIY additions everywhere, so we replaced all the drawer boxes, made doors larger to cover open units and create a better look overall. The customer chose to complete the look with cream walls instead of the yellow.

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