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Tying it all Together

This is a customer in Port Talbot who originally had an idea to keep his tiles and wanted to go with a black and white monochrome theme door and worktop. However as you can see these tiles are a cottage style, they have warm tones of ginger and lighter greens in them, where they are predominantly green. So in cases where we want to make those tiles look like they belong in the kitchen, it’s not a good idea to go with a different colour theme. Black and white is a very striking colour theme and lends itself to black or white and a plain colour tile, had we gone with this theme the tiles would have stuck out like a sore thumb. So we bought in some samples and compared them to the existing tiles, we went with this light green beige colour door and to tie in with the gingery aspect of the tile we chose a wooden worktop and a slate floor to complete the look. In-keeping with the age of the property, this overall look is a modern take on a country kitchen which looks fantastic, it is now a calm and relaxing room to be in.

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